The right architectural millwork can define a room. Our Culebra location is a virtual treasure trove of millwork in all shapes, sizes and configurations. Step inside and you can see for yourself that we produce the highest quality moulding to specification. In fact, we believe we have the widest selection of stock and custom mouldings in the country. No matter how distinctive, we can easily produce exactly what you need in our facility to match your architectur­al requirements.

Replicating the past is significant, but Allen & Allen Co. offers so much more with the Legacy Collection. This is one-of-a-kind custom millwork inspired by Mr. Pat Knight, the patriarch of Allen & Allen Co. Each piece is crafted on site with the same integrity and precision that Mr. Knight brought to work each day. This signature offering is available exclusively for the customers of Allen & Allen Co. Ask your salesperson to schedule an appointment to see The Legacy Collection and our custom mill.


We manufacture trim and mouldings on site.