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Our History

It is an exciting time at Allen & Allen Co.  Founded in 1931 by the Allen family, and acquired in 2019 by TRTF Community House, Allen & Allen Co. is in a unique place to BUILD WITH PURPOSE.  Our 90 years of experience combined with a reinvigorated approach to growth positions us to serve you well.


Mr. Howard B. Allen (otherwise known as Mr. H.B.) and his son, Mr. Lynn A. Allen (otherwise known as Mr. L.A.) opened the business as a second-hand lumber yard in 1931. It was operated somewhat like a salvage yard. Old lumber/hardwoods used in previous jobs were taken apart, cleaned up, organized and then resold through Allen & Allen Co. It remained a second hard/salvage yard until the late 40’s when it began specializing in quality hardwood sales used in new home building.

Early 1950s

Residential building started, and Allen & Allen began selling lumber to builders for use on their jobs. During this time we were known primarily for Lumber related products – specifically Hardwood and Yellow Pine. In addition to homebuilders, we served a large number of schools/industrial arts programs and cabinet shops.


Pat Knight (who would later become the owner of Allen & Allen) came to work for Allen & Allen as an “outside” salesperson. (Mr. Knight joined Allen & Allen after working for another lumber company part-time while he played professional football for the New York Giants. His football career was cut short by a knee injury.) Mr. Knight developed strong relationships with his customers and had the same work ethic, integrity, and character that both Mr. H.B. Allen and Mr. L.A. Allen had.


Mr. Knight became General Manager of business operations when Mr. John Mauldin resigned. A couple of years later, Mr. Allen would agree to sell the company to Mr. Knight. Under the agreement, Mr. Allen would incorporate the business and then allow Mr. Knight to purchase the stock over time, until he owned 100% of the company.

March 21, 1974

Allen & Allen Company officially incorporated. Mr. Allen held the position of President, but Mr. Knight was given control of the day-to-day operations and would be responsible for determining the long-term direction for the Company.


Mr. Bobby Joe “Buzz” Miller came on board to sell lumber. In 1980 he moved into the position of outside salesman (Later he would become the General Manager). He worked hand in hand with Mr. Knight to handle customer needs and business development.


Coddy Pena returned to the Allen & Allen family to work in sales full time (Later he would become Vice President).

April 28, 1980


Mr. L.A. Allen resigned as President of the company and Mr. Knight assumed the role of President and General Manager.



Under Mr. Knight’s direction, Allen & Allen purchased a new piece of property located across the street from the main yard on Culebra Ave. Allen & Allen built a new, expanded, mill facility and it enlarged its lumber storage capacity. The new facility was located at 321 Culebra Avenue.

March 2, 1981

Mr. L.A. Allen finalized the sale of the company to Mr. Pat Knight and his wife, Theresa W. Knight, that year. At that time, Pat Knight became President and sole owner of the company. Theresa Knight was the Secretary of the Company.


Old Building and Mill facility in original location at five-points was renovated and rebuilt in certain locations



Allen & Allen entered into a partnership with a business operating in Mexico named Edevel. The business was owned by Jamie Velasco and family. Edevel was an exclusive distributor of Allen & Allen products to Mexico City.

December 21, 1990

Bobby Joe “Buzz” Miller was named General Manager for the company.

June 14, 1993

Buzz Miller and Coddy Pena were named Vice Presidents of Allen & Allen.

February 24, 1995

Mr. Knight developed a commercial hardware division and the family purchased a large warehouse facility located at 701 San Fernando. At this point, Allen & Allen started storing additional lumber in the warehouse and selling commercial hardware including door frames, doors, cabinet hardware and door hardware.


A decorative showroom was opened on Rhapsody in San Antonio. The showroom was set up to serve as a selection center for decorative hardware and lumber products.

October 1999

Upon Mr. Knight’s sudden passing, he left Allen & Allen to his wife Theresa and their two daughters, Dara and Constance. Bobby Joe “Buzz” Miller, former General Manager became the President and CEO in Mr. Knight’s death. Buzz is married to Constance “Connie” (Knight) Miller. Coddy Pena, husband of Dara (Knight) Pena was named Vice President of the company and worked hand in hand with Mr. Miller to handle the legacy Mr. Knight left behind.


Allen & Allen operates business out of the original location (at Five Points in San Antonio) and it opens its Northside Decorative Showroom located on Loop 1604 in 2001. Allen & Allen continues to operate its San Fernando facility which serves solely as a distribution center for our lumber wholesale, windows and TOTO brand plumbing products.

January 2013

Allen & Allen closes its Northside Decorative Showroom and consolidates it showroom back to its original location at 202 Culebra Ave. creating a one stop Building and Design Center. At this point in time, all operations are back under one roof. The mill/manufacturing component as well as the sales and business components can be found here. Allen & Allen still hold true to the business strategy that we are a specialty company that specializes in quality, upscale, lumber, hardware, plumbing and window products.

August 2019 

TRTF Community House became the new owner of Allen & Allen Co. This entity was developed by the leadership team at TRTF (Texas Research and Technology Foundation). The concept is unique and philanthropic. TRTF Community House was formed to create a succession option for family owned businesses during a time of generational transition. TRTF Community House is committed to retaining the Allen & Allen Co. business name, management team, employees and thus the legacy. TRTF Community House sought out Allen & Allen Co. as its first Community House company. Our values are deeply aligned and we both share the goal of wanting Allen & Allen Co. to remain for many years to come.  To learn more, visit