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The future is solid for Allen & Allen Co. who has a 90-year history of serving San Antonio’s building products needs.  

Since their acquisition by TRTF Community House last year, Allen & Allen Co. has continued to provide superior products and service to its customers with a single goal of helping the community it serves.

Every purchase made at Allen & Allen Co. directly supports TRTF Community House and the Texas Research and Technology Foundation (TRTF). Both are local non-profit 501(c)(3) organizations.  

For more than 35 years, TRTF has been successfully promoting and developing emerging technologies and life sciences in the San Antonio region. It has successfully incubated companies, created jobs and spurred investment. Ultimately, TRTF intends to impact the social and economic condition of the city of San Antonio and across the region by propelling economic success, a better quality of life, and a safer world through collaboration and innovation.

“It’s an exciting time at Allen & Allen Co.” says Brad Wheeless, Managing Director of TRTF Community House.  Wheeless has been leading strategy development for Allen & Allen Co. since January of this year and is currently working with the Allen & Allen Co. leadership team to execute a growth plan focused on the contractor segment – architects, designers, craftsmen and subcontractors who serve the commercial, residential and wholesale markets.  

“We are stepping up the intensity of our focus to the contractor community.  Our goal as a building material supplier is to provide a superior, customer-focused experience with solutions that meet the specific needs of each job in the areas of lumber, millwork, windows, doors, architectural hardware and specialty applications.” 

“After going through a planning process, we realized we have the opportunity to bring on some additional talent to augment the tremendous tenured talent that Allen & Allen Co. has,” says Wheeless. “We brought in Matt Mayberry and Taylor Franks to enhance Allen & Allen Co.’s executive team.

Matt Mayberry joins Allen & Allen as president and COO. Taylor Franks joins as Director of Sales. Their experience, combined with that of existing employees, is enabling swift progress on many of the company’s plans. Joining Wheeless, Mayberry, and Franks at the executive level are 15-year veteran, Mike McGinnis, who has been promoted to Director of Operations/Controller, Christina Martin who is responsible for Marketing/Communications and Brandi Simpson, Office Manager/Human Resources.

Mayberry adds, “We are aggressively pursuing the contractor segment with the intent of showcasing our full range of product offerings and applications. Our big goals related to growth are achievable.  We are so much more than just a lumber yard and with our TRTF Community House alignment, we are literally building this community in more than one way.  

We plan to bring in more talent. We are actively hiring business development representatives.  We are looking to continue to build and to continue to grow. Our product mix stays the same, we are going to keep doing what Allen & Allen Co. does best which is the millwork, our specialty hardware, doors and windows, and of course, the lumber.”

“To accomplish our goals, our team is investing in the future – people, technology and products, and looking to add services, tools and conveniences that will enhance our customers’ experience and make doing business with us easy,” adds Christina Martin, Director of Marketing.

“What enticed me to come over is the history and the opportunities moving forward,” says Franks. “There is so much potential here.  If you sit down and talk to any of Allen & Allen Co.’s sales reps, anybody who has been here, all will say they wanted to move forward in a new way, but just weren’t sure how.  When you combine the kind of mindset with the culture of taking care of our customers and taking care of one another, things start to comes together in a lot of ways. We have so much experience,  some of these people have forgotten more than I know right now. For me it is leveling that and focusing on service day in and day out. I think the rest will come. While we continue to learn and grow, our plan for focusing on service with the talented people we have and the people we are going to bring on is a strong one,” adds Franks.

“Over the past year, we met frequently with the TRTF Community House stakeholders. It has always been clear that TRTF wants us to grow and continue our legacy in San Antonio. That is the beauty of being owned by TRTF Community House, knowing that Allen & Allen Co. is going to be here for many years to come, and that we are committed to giving back to the community. There’s a lot of excitement here, not just among the staff but also with our customers,” says McGinnis. 

“TRTF Community House likes the San Antonio construction market and is interested in adding companies to the portfolio from the construction industry. You can learn more about TRTF Community House, by visiting https://www.texasresearchfoundation.cco/who-is-trtf/community-house/,” adds Wheeless.

TRTF Community House was formed as a subsidiary of the Texas Research & Technology Foundation (TRTF) to create a legacy option for family owned businesses at a generational transition.  Profit from TRTF Community House entities are used to fund community-wide economic development through the works of TRTF.

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