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We’ve often joked at Allen & Allen Co. that we need to consider changing our name from Allen & Allen Company Lumber & Hardware to Allen & Allen Co. Lumber, Hardware, Millwork, Windows, Doors and Plumbing, but man, that’s a mouthful. Instead of changing our name, we’re committed to educating our customers about the broad offerings of products we are able to produce AND source.   Today, we’re talking about our PRODUCTION and MANUFACTURING capabilities that take place locally in our Culebra Mill.

Our state of the art facility, arguably the region, produces hundreds of thousands of lineal feet of specialty millwork each year.  Using computerized machinery (planers, straight line rip saws, band saws, and moulders) and a sophisticated sawdust collection system, our talented mill team oversees the creation of unique mouldings, trim and custom accents each and every day.  While we fulfill specific requests like S2S, S4S, knife grinding, profile running, and glue ups, don’t let the terminology scare you away.  What this really translates to is our ability to help the consumer turn a vision into reality.

Of all the things we mill on-site, we spend the far majority of our time creating moulding – crown moulding, baseboards, chair rails, picture rails, casings, coves and the like.  We stock a large number of mouldings in our warehouse for easy pick up and installation, but we also make customization easy by offering clients the tools and expertise to create mouldings that are unique to a project.  

  • A custom home builder will source us to turn their sketch into a brand new, exclusive profile that would only be used in their projects.  
  • A remodeler will often ask for our help creating a profile to match a trim element from an existing structure.  
  • And for those customers who are somewhere in between wanting a stock item and an exclusively custom made item, we have created the Legacy Collection of Mouldings.  

The Legacy Collection of Mouldings was inspired by Mr. Pat Knight, patriarch of Allen & Allen Co., and named after his great grandchildren.  At the current time, five distinctive series (Knight, Berkley, Hudson, Presley and Luke) make up the Collection.  Each series includes multiple crown and base offerings in a variety of sizes.  Each finished piece is crafted in our mill with the same integrity and precision that Mr. Knight brought to work each day. Once installed, Legacy Collection moulding evokes custom feel.  The Legacy Collection can be milled in any species of wood, for stain or paint grade finishes. Since 1931, we’ve been specializing in lumber.  Knowing the trends.  Understanding construction – both new builds and renovation work.  Sourcing materials that will help your projects stand out.  

Bottom line, our capabilities in the mill set us apart from others in this line of business.  When it comes to creating decorative elements out of wood, Allen & Allen Co. is your trusted professional.

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