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Classic Colonial, Greek Revival, Classical Craftsman and Colonial Revival – Allen & Allen Co. is NOW stocking historically accurate moldings by WindsorONE.

WindsorONE is best known for it’s craftsmanship and patented application of 100% acrylic latex primer. Sharp, crisp, edges on all profiles, deep incisions, and wide fillets on moldings create clean strong lines than make your projects stand out.  Our in-house offering has expanded beyond trim boards into historically accurate moldings in four, floor to ceiling styles.

Brent Hull, a graduate of the prestigious North Bennett Street School and historic millwork expert, designed the WindsorONE Architectural Molding collection. Brent created four historically inspired collections: Classic Colonial, Greek Revival, Classical Craftsman and Colonial Revival. Each collection includes all the components to design a architecturally proportionate room, eliminating guesswork. Go with a complete collection for your project or mix and match to create a signature look.  View the collections here.

  • Classic Colonial – c.1725 – 1820. The Classical Colonial Style captures the feel of the 18th century. Designed after the historic William Gibbes House in Charleston, South Carolina, where the rooms and walls are symmetrical, balanced and perfectly proportionate.
  • Greek Revival – c.1820 – 1840. Based on the ellipse rather than the circle, the Greek Revival style was founded on the principles of classic Greek architecture. This style flourished as American builders, fueled by patriotism, moved away from more traditional English styles.
  • Classical Craftsman – c.1900 – 1930. The Classical Craftsman Style is inspired by the Arts and Crafts, Bungalow and Prairie movements. These movements rejected Victorian era excesses and embraced the desire to emphasize “man-made” over “machine-made” materials.
  • Colonial Revival – c.1920 – 1940. Capturing the spirit of classical details on a smaller scale and the revival of old world styles, the Colonial Revival Style reflects a new interpretation of classical orders with a distinctively American feel.

Questions?  Contact Chet Oncken and our contractor sales team.


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