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You may have already heard that the experts over at Allen & Allen Co. have been specializing in lumber and building materials since 1931.  

But did you know that we also specialize in the on-site manufacturing and production of high end millwork?   It’s true.  Our state of the art facility in downtown San Antonio produces hundreds of thousands of lineal feet of specialty millwork each year.  Thanks for letting us share the answers to a few of our most frequently asked questions:

Q:  What size moulding should I use in my home?

A:  The size of the moulding you select really does depend on the application.  Crown moulding and base boards should be proportionate to the room height.  The taller the ceiling, the wider the moulding can be. Door trim and window casings sizes are based on the size of the door or window opening.  

Q:  Does my crown moulding and my base moulding need to match?

A:  We recommend designs that will have continuity throughout your space.  Our Legacy Collection is a unique line of millwork that includes five distinct styles, each with multiple crown and base offerings in a variety of sizes.  They were designed to offer a cohesive look and simplify these selection process for our customers. 

Q:  What are some of the current moulding trends?  

A:  Millwork really does add personality, character and style. In addition to finishing out a room, we’re seeing a lot of focus on feature walls that utilize wainscoting, penny gap (the term we use in place of shiplap) or a unique product called ghostwood.  We’ve also seen some incredible ceiling transformations.  By using a combination of mouldings at varying depths, you can create a coffered ceiling that will give dimension and texture to your room.   

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